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IMPORTANT: The DelaWELL University Onsite Health Seminars are available to ALL State of Delaware agency, school district, charter school and higher education employees, as well as state pensioners. Due to limited seating accommodations, the onsite health seminars are NOT offered to spouses, dependents or participating group members (with the exception of University of Delaware and Delaware Transit Corporation employees).

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April 2014
Topic: Dump the Junk: Take Control Of Your Weight, Nutrition and Health

Seminar Description: What you eat can either add to your health or take away from it. Start passing on the junk food and replacing it with healthy alternatives. You'll feel better, have more energy and may even drop a few pounds! To go along with DelaWELL's “Dump the Junk Challenge” (April 1-30), we are offering this fun and interactive seminar where we will examine the nutrition facts of common grocery products and popular restaurant menu items, compare the amounts of fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium, learn about portion distortion and leave with tools and resources to assist us in creating a healthy eating/ weight management plan.

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